Veneto's fancy pastries are made with the European Touch. Come visit Veneto's bakery & pastry shop for the best-tasting traditional pastries, tortes, strudels, coffee cakes, truffles, sweet rolls, cookies and much more.

Our Pastries: Click "name" to view the pastry information or just move mouse curser over name to view images of our pastries.
Napolian   Canoccini Chocolate Benai  
Chocolate Delight   Chocolate Mousse Tiramisu
Hazelnut Torte   Raspberry Tart

Original Tiramisu

Café Latte   Black Forest Tart Hazelnut Benai
Vanilla Slice   Multi-Colour Tronchi
Mocha Tart   Lemon cheesecake Pink Benai
Rum Ball   Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mille Feuilles
Cream Puff   Lemon Mousse Chocolate Cake
Raspberry Delight   Chocolate Benai
A large selection of home made cookies and biscotti are also available.